Brooks Laboratories Ltd

recommended in 16 july 2014 at Rs.31 to Rs.32 20 OCT 2016 Profit Book at Rs.152 .

Kisan Mouldings Ltd

recommended in 2 may 2016 at Rs.30 to Rs.32 To be Continue.

Morarjee Textiles

Recommended in oct 2012 at Rs.10 JUL 2015 BOOK PROFIT AT RS58.

Rana Sugars

Recommended in july 2015 at Rs.2.50 MAY 2016 Price Around RS6.50, And We Also Holding It as same Price.

Lycos Internet

Recommended in dec 2013 at Rs.6 JUL 2015 Profit Book at Rs34.

Lyka Labs

Recommended in SEP 2013 at Rs.15 MAR 2016 Price Around RS100, And We Also Holding It as same Price.

Finolex Industries

recommended in nov 2012 at Rs.65 SEP 2014 Profit Book at Rs324.


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